Alaa Zaza is the co-founder of the Syrian Child Protection Network. His name emerged with the beginning of the conflict in Syria through his restless activities in the humanitarian field, which included training of activists on the principles of child protection, providing emergency curriculums for schools, and coordinating between organizations on child rights issues.

Zaza’s experience spans over 13 years in the field of education, private education and school social work. He holds a Masters’ degree in special education (emotional and behavioral disorders), and has extensive experience in improving schooling quality and rating. Thanks to his humanitarian activities, Zaza developed an exceptional knowledge in education in unstable countries, conflict sensitive education, and peace education. He worked on designing and implementing child protection programs, staff training manuals, and education programs for students with special needs, including autism and intellectual disabilities.

Zaza invested his academic background in setting the methodology and developing the strategy of Hurras Netwrok, especially the criteria for monitoring and case management, the integration of child protection standards into schools and local institutions, and coordinating with international NGOs in this regard. He can be largely credited with bringing the concepts of child protection into Syria, and for personally training hundreds of locals, activists and humanitarian workers on this issue.

He is known among his colleagues for his dedication to work, his calmness, his expertise in managing meetings and his ability to reach compromises, which has also made him an active link between many Syrian human rights organizations. He has also played an important role in building strategic alliances between Hurras Network and a number of local and international organizations.

Alaa is married and the father of three daughters.