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Child Protection Messages

Hurras runs an ongoing campaign to provide children and their families with key protection messages to ensure that both boys and girls have access to much-needed child protection services, and to make positive change in their resilience and general behavior.

HRS utilizes its wide reach to raise awareness on children’s rights, and to ensure the availability of child protection systems and community-based support for positive coping.

“Tayara Warak” Childrens Magazine

In 2012, HRS established a children’s magazine (“Tayara Warak” or “Kite”) designed for children between the ages of 7 and 14 years old. The magazine introduces key protection messages to children in a fun way, along with a wide collection of stories, songs, games, puzzles and handicrafts.

“Tayara Warak” reached over 20,000 children inside worn-torn areas of Syria. The content is developed to increase children’s awareness of ways to protect themselves and cope during times of shelling, bombing and violence. The material also helps children develop their critical thinking and emotional intelligence, and to instill values of tolerance, solidarity, mutual understanding and peace among them.

Other channels for raising awareness

Our key child protection messages are also included in a range of printed and online materials, including videos, posters, illustrations and social media campaigns.

“Tayyara Warak” magazine, and other awareness raising materials, are integrated into other activities such as mobile libraries, child friendly spaces and school campaigns.