Our family is growing and you, too, can become a member!

We are proud of the great cause we support and of the work environment we have built.
Whether you are a young graduate driven by a passion and energy for change, or an experienced professional eager to make a positive impact on society, our family has the right seat for you.
Hurras Network has designed several volunteer programs that cater for different professional backgrounds and availability.

Why volunteer for Hurras?

Our standards
are high

Our network has substantial experience working with international humanitarian organizations and can provide a professional management environment that allows for the development and utilizations of existing talent.

You voice is always

Our organization needs leaders and not employees who follow instructions. We encourage colleagues to be proactive, and tom positively criticize and object. We want to hear their voices and we carefully listen to them. Our experience has shown us that an environment that nurtures freedom of expression will ultimately maintain passion for the cause.

We encourage

Hurras hires couples and we encourage them to work together in our offices. Our headquarters includes a children's nursery, allowing mothers and fathers to spend additional time with their children during working hours, upholding principles of work-life balance.

Because there is simply no better cause than protecting children

Once you visit our headquarters you will immediately realize how everyone here has their heart in the right place. All members of our community regard child protection as their life mission and are willing to do everything in their power to realize this cause.

League of extraordinary

We are proud of our family of employees and volunteers, who come from different fields and backgrounds. Our colleagues are part of a humanitarian project managed according to the highest international standards of non-profits.

An environment that
nurtures talent

Hurras invests in developing managerial and leadership skills, as well as other competencies of its employees. We provide training programs throughout the year and we offer special rewards to those who are willing to develop their skills.

Become a volunteer and help keep happy smiles everywhere

Volunteer Programs

Volunteer in our Case Management Program

Volunteer in our Case Management Program

Become part of our child case management teams that have, for years, played an essential role in identifying children who are especially at risk, offering them an effective and multi-sectoral child-friendly response.

Volunteer in our monitoring and documentation program

Volunteer in our monitoring and documentation program

We need your help to protect children from violations: our monitoring and documentation programs is crucial for safeguarding children, enforcing justice, and creating accountability for states, society and other key actors for their commitments and obligations to children’s rights.

Hurras Program for Experienced Volunteers

Hurras Program for Experienced Volunteers

Specialists and professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in their fields, who wish to strengthen their humanitarian footprint and make a lasting impact on their communities.