No Coercion

No Coercion” is a campaign launched by Hurras on 1 November 2017 to raise awareness about the dangers of extremism and coercion practiced in the name of religion. It sheds light on the negative impact of such ideologies on women, children and society. The campaign attempts to refute wrongful notions usually attributed to religion by highlighting the real essence of religious ideals such as mercy, non-violence and justice.

No Coercion” highlights violations that have been committed in the name of religion, such as child marriage, violence against women and children, and restrictions on freedom of thought, belief and expression. As part of this campaign, we filmed and produced two documentaries about the survivors of Al-Nusra detention centers to expose the abuses they suffered throughout their detention [link to the videos].

The campaign was widely praised and attracted a significant base of followers and supporters. It improved our outreach and our ability to raise future awareness campaigns on the most pressing and critical issues facing our society.