The National Program for Education and Child Protection

The National Program for Education and Child Protection is an independent civil program established to coordinate the efforts of governmental and non-governmental organizations operating inside Syria in the fields of education and child protection. The program seeks to improve the quality of services provided by these organizations through collaboration, the sharing of experiences and best practices, and the exchange of material and human resources. Over time, it seeks to become a model for cooperation and joint action that will pave the way for building a cohesive civil society in Syria.

Many organizations in Syria have been operating for years to provide a wide range of vital services to a large number of civilians and on a large scale. These organizations have developed a range of local experiences and have received funding, training and support from various international organizations. Yet with their substantial financial, human and logistical resources, these organizations lack proper channels to coordinate their efforts, cooperate and share lessons learned. The National Program for Education and Child Protection was established to fill this gap, and to provide a reliable channel for cooperation between like-minded organizations in a manner that ensures their independence and solidifies their presence in the community.

The program sets a number of ambitious goals, both in terms of improving the quality of services, developing management strategies, and implementing transparency and governance systems to prevent corruption and the wasting of resources. The objectives of the program include:

  • Coordinate efforts to improve the country’s education system
  • Coordinate media and PR activities
  • Develop and implement higher educational standards
  • Implement effective Child protection policies in Syria, especially within the educational system
  • Establish an environment for sharing experiences and best practices
  • Effectively manage human and material resources
  • Promote commitment to good governance and transparency

Serve as a model for cooperation and joint action between organizations from different sectors, including support and advocacy activities