Born in 1985, Ahmad Arafat graduated from the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Education, University of Damascus. He received his master’s degree in mental health in 2012 and was a lecturer at the Damascus Faculty of Education for two years.

His involvement in humanitarian work was triggered by the conflict in Syria, where he co-launched an initiative called “Ghiras” to repair part of the damage inflicted on the education sector by the war and devastation that deprived hundreds of thousands of children from their rights to education. At first, Ghiras’ reach was very limited, benefitting as little as 15 children in total, but the project rapidly grew to provide essential education services to more than 3,000 children in nine schools. During the same period, Arafat was similarly active in training teachers. Between 2014 and 2015, he trained around 1,500 teachers in Syria on modern education methods.

In 2015, Arafat joined Hurras’ team. He was responsible for supervising the opening of Hurras’ office in Marchuren in Idlib province and later the opening of the new branches of Atareb, Dar Azza, and Aqrabat. His success in establishing a solid local presence in these areas has encouraged the Network’s Board to assign him the management of the entire northern region, where approximately _____ of Hurras’ staff and volunteers currently work.

Known among his colleagues for his humility and ability to accomplish difficult tasks, Arafat believes that non-profit workers must never forget their humanitarian message and must always be prepared to sacrifice their own wellbeing for the sake of their cause.

Ahmed is Married and a father of ______________ ..