Like many children across Syria, Salma was affected by conflict and displacement.

She lost her father to the war, along with her sense of security and stability, which left her in an ongoing state of anxiety and isolation.

Salma was referred to Hurras’ centre in Daraa where her condition was carefully assessed by professional psycho-social support staff. The Daraa facility offered her, along with a group of kids she slowly began to interact with, many fun activities to engage in, such as story-reading, games, singing and painting, in addition to basic non-formal education.

The level of improvement she started to show was outstanding. She gradually became one of the most vibrant members of her group. Salma made a lot of new friends, was constantly smiling and laughing, and began talking and expressing her feelings.

Salma quickly developed new skills such as attention, memorizing, problem solving, and empathy, in addition to her improved resilience and self-confidence. Her improvement inspired everyone who knew her at the Daraa office.

Hurras believes that all children have the right to access this level of professional care to restore their sense of normality and to improve their resilience during times of crisis or war.

Salma is one of thousands of other children who still need your help

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